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Neon Nation Group Photo

NeOn NaTiOn

Featuring 5 to 7 band members with the best in performance experience for your club or event. Performances can include keyboards and horns section on request.
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Clarissa Photo Clarissa


This wildly talented young lady comes straight out of the 80's (where she was born). Her expressive eyes and voice will leave a crowd breathless as they witness this O.C. girl rock the mic... lady style. An actress as well, Clarissa can bring the emotion to any tune, but don't let her small frame and shy eyes fool ya, put a sword in this chick's hand and you will be left looking like swiss cheese, baby!

What's on Clarissa's mind?

What's your favorite 80's music personality and why?
Of course, Pat Benatar, she's so classy but can still rock your socks off. The Missing Persons were cool too. They were so out there and spastastic! Funny how I pick bands with a female vocalist...hmmmmm.

What's your worst gig?
I was in a teen-bop trio called Knockout when I was 15. A kid pulled the fire alarm at a high school gymnasium performance and the water sprinkler system went off. The Firemen that came to save the day made great roadies!
Paul Photo Paul


Paul was a rock 'n roll star from the get go. Hooked on the cool jams of the 80's, Paul turned dreams into power chords. When not shredding the glamorous world of high finances, he's out spear fishing, surfing, and fixing all the things his drunk buddies broke. Mexican beer and ladies are his vices. Rock 'n roll is his calling.

What's the deal with Paul?

Why the 80's? Why is 80's music so popular and nostalgic?
I put the band together because I was having an 80's party and thought it was a good idea at the time. What I didn't know is that it would take 2 months to convince Michael of my idea. He thought he was much too cool of a blues player to be bothered with the campy 80's. Now he "Just Can't Get Enough" of that 80's New Wave and Rock. Everyone has grown up with 80's music--it's never stopped being played on the radio since the 80's.

How long has the group been together?
We played our first gig (an 80's party) with totally different members except for me and Michael. We had so much fun we thought we might have something here. We've had the same line up now for more than 13 years.
Michael Photo Michael


They say the preacher's kid is always the worst. They're right. After getting his first kiss at Sunday school, Michael traded in choir at church for blues at the crossroads, leaving communion for a steady diet of Pop Rocks and Jolt Cola. But not to worry, girls under that rock 'n roll exterior resides a sensitive screenwriter, a Doctor of English literature, and a guy who just wants to cuddle and read poetry. Yeah right.

How's it goin' with Michael?

Best thing done when drunk?
Rock paper scissors...tournament. Me and a buddy stumbled into a RPS tournament after boozing all day and both got promptly eliminated. I've been training for my comeback ever since. My 'scissors' delivery kills!

What's your best gig?
We played the San Clemente Fiesta Street Fair for something like 20,000 people. I don't care if they loved us or just loved the 80's. Love is love, and we brought it.
Louis Photo Louis


Who said nerds aren't cool? While studying to be the next Bill Gates, Big Lou was rockin' the drums in the L.A. music scene. This is one C.S. grad that can lay down the groove! When he's not computing digits of PI or poundin' out cool 80's tunes, he's hangin' with his family, riding snow in the mountains, or pimpin' out the band's stage lighting. Just say it girls, "I'm in love with a nerd!"

What's shakin' with Louis?

What's your top three end of the world albums and why?
  1. Duran Duran, Rio - There just isn't a bad song on that album.
  2. Rush, Grace Under Pressure - If we ever all go up in a nuclear war, I want to be listening to Distant Early Warning or Manhattan Project.
  3. REM, Eponymous - A lot of good songs, but really I just want to hear the last track.
What's your best gig?
Rancho Cucamonga had us out for their park concert series in 2008. There were thousands of people in the crowd and more than 15 rows of people singing and screaming for more songs at the front of the stage. We spent the evening after the show handing out merchandise and signing autographs. Entertaining a large group of people like that -- there's nothing better.
Scott Photo Scott


After shredding guitar for bands through the 80's and 90's, Scott felt the call of the bass and never looked back. When he's not groovin' the bass, he's mastering the world of electronics, taking care of his boys and sampling various brands of Scotch. Even Number 5 can't have a Short Circuit when this bass master is on-stage.

What's the scoop, Scott?

What's in your music player right now and why?
The Beatles: Abbey Road - The Beatles are my all-time favorite band. They are my muse; The reason I started singing and playing music in the first place. They taught me how to sing harmony.

If you could have lunch with anyone...
Popeye! Watching that guy eat is hilarious!
Carl Photo Carl


This rock-solid keyboard master is the key to Neon Nation's classic 80's sound. Living on soul food and fine wine, Carl is very fly... for a white guy. Playing around L.A. with many groups, Carl has found his calling in the wacky world of 80's pop. If he looks like someone you know, it may be because in addition to pushing the keys on the Keytar... Carl is an actor and awesome breakdancer as well, look out ladies.