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No matter whether your public outdoor event or nightclub is small or large, Neon Nation is prepared to deliver an incredible experience to those in attendance. Neon Nation has played dozens of shows at venues all over Southern California, from Studio City in North Los Angeles to San Clemente in South Orange County. These venues will tell you that when Neon Nation comes to play, the crowd is happy, well-behaved, and buying cold drinks after dancing to the hits of the 80s.

Neon Nation is well equipped with JBL sound reinforcement to perform in smaller rooms to larger outdoor venues. We also provide continuous music during our breaks that will keep your patrons dancing throughout the night. With Neon Nation, you can have the excitement of live music and the benefits of continuous entertainment.

If you want to find out what past clients have thought of us, here are their testimonials.

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"Neon Nation was of the best bands we had"
Chuck Narey, San Clemente Chamber of Commerce

Just enjoyed you guys for the first time last night at The Harp!! Absolutely loved you guys!!! Can't wait for more!!